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BVA Summer School
Summer Virtual Student Over the summer, study with Brandywine Virtual Academy on your terms, and earn credit in your public school district! Use the summer months to catch up on credits you need, or get ahead of next year’s busy schedule by getting needed credits out of the way. All summer school courses are taken online for credit. Each session will begin with a mandatory online orientation module in which students will learn how to use the tools needed to take courses online. After that, students can work at their own pace, as long as they finish their course work by the close of the class. This style of learning offers the maximum amount of flexibility, while providing a rich course experience that ensures you have mastered the concepts.
Courses for next summer subject to change based on enrollment or vendor availability.  
Registration for summer 2017 will open in spring 2017. Stay tuned!
Summer school is available via three session types:
Jump Start  April start time
This 15-week session offers the earliest chance to begin studying. Consider taking a course you can’t fit into your schedule next year, or try an honors version! Download the course catalog above to browse course titles offered for this session.
True Summer  End of May start time
Accomplish a summer class in a condensed, nine-week time frame. Consider taking a course you can’t fit in your schedule, or try an honors version (H). Download the course catalog above to browse course titles offered for this session.
Credit Recovery  End of May start time
Did a class not work out so well this past year? A nine-week Credit Recovery version could keep you on track for next year. Test out of sections you have already mastered! Download the course catalog above to browse course titles offered for this session.
*Note: All sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. on the first day of the session. Also, all sessions include a seven day teacher inservice in mid-June; teaching assistants will be available to provide online student support Mon-Fri 9am-12noon during this time.
Frequently Asked Questions
I don't see a course I need or want on the list above. Do you offer more courses?
We're always expanding our offerings to meet student need and demand. Contact us to ask about a course you need; additional fees may apply.
Are there any course materials required?
Some courses (very few) include materials or textbooks, which will be mailed to the student's home at no additional cost. Please contact us if you have concerns about receiving these materials.
Is there an add/drop period?
Yes, you have 10 days to decide if a course is working for you. For all three sessions (Jump Start, True Summer, and Credit Recovery), the drop period ends 10 calendar days after the start of the course. If you drop the course within this 10 day window, we will refund you the cost of the course. (The registration fee is non-refundable.)
Which session is right for me?
Credit Recovery is only for students who have failed a course and want to try it again. If that's not you, then you're looking at the Jump Start session or True Summer. Decide between those two based on when you'd like to start - waiting until your regular school year ends in June, or getting the earliest start possible. Of course, your budget will also impact which session you wish to purchase. Remember, for all sessions, you can work at your own pace as long as you're finished by July 28.
How do I track my child's progress?
Upon registration, you (or the person whose e-mail address is entered in the "Guardian 1 Email" field) are automatically sent credentials to our Genius SIS system. Once you log in to Genius, you are able to see the number of assignments your child has completed, the total number of assignments in the course, the overall grade average your child has earned in the course, and the number of minutes your child has spent in the course per day. You also have access to an "academic coach" or TA (teaching support assistant) who can help you understand where your child is and where he or she needs to be at any one point in the session. We encourage you to watch our Parent Guide to Genius video soon after you have received our formal welcome letter.
For more information contact the BVA team at or 484-237-5350.